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Products & Solutions
Hotel Program
The THOR Hotel Program provides travel agent members with commission, discounted rates, upgrades, unique offers and more through preferred hotel partnerships.
Car Program
The THOR Car Program allows travel agent members to book discounted and commissionable rates with chauffeured ground transportation services.
Services Program
The THOR Services Program offers travel agent members discounted programs and services from passports and visas to outsourced commission specialists.
About Us
THOR, Inc. is an international travel services company that has been providing travel services and products to the world’s leading travel providers since 1977. THOR offers discounted and commissionable travel service programs, which its member travel agents use to book the best suppliers for their travelers.

THOR travel agent members benefit from a hotel program with guaranteed commission and discounted hotel rates as well as a car program and services program that offer many other value-added benefits. THOR travel agent members also have access to leading travel providers, award-winning publications, and specialized travel partner events. The overall benefit is the opportunity to operate as your own travel agency without giving up your uniqueness.

A privately owned company by Travelport, THOR continues to increase customer value and transform products and services to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs.
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