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Travel Agency Benefits

Since 1977 THOR has been providing substantial benefits to its travel agency members. Our goal is to make your travel agency as successful as possible, and to do this, we know it takes a partnership. That is why THOR believes in great customer service and focuses on assisting your team with any request that may arise.

THOR Worldwide Supplier Programs
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Here are just a few benefits you will receive when your travel agency joins THOR’s Worldwide Supplier Programs:

  • Confidence of guaranteed commissions – When you book a commissionable rate using the THR or THX rate codes in the GDS you will receive a commission from the supplier or we will contact the supplier directly to assist with commission collection.
  • Personal attention – THOR is there when you need us with a dedicated travel agent help desk.
  • Assurance of worldwide supplier locations – With over 46,000 hotels and other worldwide supplier partners, THOR’s programs are sure to cover your travel agency and client needs.
  • Educational Video/Webinars – It’s important to stay up on the latest hotel brands and supplier offerings, so THOR works with our suppliers to provide educational videos and webinars in a short amount of time. Our videos are generally 15 minutes or less (some are as short at 4 minutes) to explain important information that you need to know.
  • Travel supplier networking events – THOR knows how important relationships are in the industry, so we provide large networking events, along with smaller, personal events to bring suppliers and travel agents together throughout the year.
  • Exclusive industry promotions – Throughout the year, suppliers will offer exclusive promotions for THOR travel agent members.
  • Access to complimentary award-winning travel industry publications – THOR has won several awards for its industry newsletters and email publications that travel agents read to get the latest supplier promotions, updates and other industry-related news.
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