Suppliers: Marketing Opportunities
Marketing to Travel Agents
THOR's marketing options can put you in front of thousands of active booking travel agents and help you increase sales during slow periods, strengthen brand recognition and boost your overall production. To request a comprehensive media kit with audience profiles and full pricing, contact your Supplier Relations Associate.
Print/Digital Marketing
THOR Advantage travel agent newsletter print digital email

THOR Advantage

THOR Advantage is THOR’s monthly email/digital and print newsletter sent to travel agent members. THOR Advantage has won many awards including the Travel Weekly Magellan Award and the HSMAI Adrian Award, among others, for its outstanding editorial, format and design. THOR Advantage provides travel editorial for each month’s theme, highlights special supplier promotions, offers travel agent activities and contests, plus is archived online – giving suppliers maximum exposure for their money.

Rates from $450
Email Marketing
Hotel Notes travel agent email newsletter

Supplier Notes

Supplier Notes is THOR’s weekly broadcast email sent to travel agent members every Tuesday. Supplier Notes is the most popular way to promote distressed inventory or short-term incentives.

Rates from $500
Online Marketing
THOR website advertising to travel agents


Website advertising on provides suppliers with a full month of ad views. On average, 88% of THOR’s website traffic comes from travel agent members. The THOR Hotel Navigator, THOR’s online hotel search engine, gives hotels the perfect opportunity to connect with THOR travel agent members and non-lodging suppliers have partner pages to promote travel agent programs.

Rates from $300
TAO - travel agents only loyalty program details newsletter print and email

TAO - Travel Agent Only

TAO is your way to create awareness around your travel agency programs. This annual publication will inform THOR travel agent members how to enroll in your loyalty program, earn points or gifts through contests, and what programs are available just for travel agents. We print this reference guide once per year and then archive the edition digitally on THOR’s members-only password-protected website. This is your opportunity to communicate the benefits of participating in your travel agent and consumer loyalty programs.

Rates from $650
Destinations travel agent email newsletter


Destinations is a broadcast email sent to member travel agents six times per year. Each issue features one of our curated destinations with articles, information and links about that city.

Rates from $390
education webinars featuring hotels and suppliers in the travel industry

Videos on Demand

THOR educational videos provide you with a unique opportunity to present your information to our THOR travel agent members. We have the technology to record and post your video on THOR’s website, or to simply post a link to your prerecorded video on THOR’s website if you’ve already created a video you’d like to share.

Rates from $3,000
Our Travel Agents
International Travel Agent Mix
70% US
30% Non-US
Our Travel Agencies
Small to Mid- Sized Agencies
THOR works with mostly small to mid- sized travel agencies in the United States, Canada and Australia with a growing number internationally.
Corporate Travel Departments
THOR enjoys relationships with a number of Corporate Travel Departments (CTD's) in corporations large and small.
Agency Networks
THOR partners with some very large travel agency networks across the globe.
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