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Why Choose THOR?

THOR Hotel Program Car Program Service Program for Travel Agents

THOR travel agent members benefit from a hotel program with guaranteed commission and discounted hotel rates, a car program and services program that offer many other value-added benefits, and Agent Connection, a global travel agent booking tool. THOR travel agent members have access to leading travel providers, award-winning publications, and specialized travel partner events. The overall benefit is the opportunity to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • Commissionable and discounted hotel rates
  • Commissionable car program rates
  • Added benefits from services program
  • Award-winning publications
  • Complimentary networking events
  • Block space program
Products & Solutions
THOR Worldwide Supplier Programs are free programs for travel agencies to join. They provide travel agents with great opportunities and resources to stay competitive and knowledgeable within the industry, in addition to increasing efficiency and effectiveness when helping clients.
Hotel Program
The THOR Hotel Program provides discounted and commissionable hotel rates through the travel agency’s preferred GDS. THOR offers its travel agent members discounted rates, upgrades, unique offers and more through THOR’s preferred hotel partnerships.
Car Program
The THOR Car Program offers travel agent members with a convenient way to book discounted and commissionable rates through their preferred GDS or over the phone using their affiliation with THOR. In addition to discounts and commission, travel agent members also receive personalized service and dedicated reservation lines when arranging car service, which serves THOR’s commitment to helping its travel agent members be as effective and efficient as possible.
Services Program
The THOR Services Program offers travel agent members with discounted programs and services using their affiliation with THOR. Whether it’s helping clients save money on passports, or getting help with collecting hotel commission, the THOR Services Program assists travel agent members with many of the administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on their main goal… selling travel.
Agent Connection
Designed for those accredited travel agents who do not have direct access to a GDS, Agent Connection allows travel agents to book client packages that include, air, car and hotel, in addition to activities, cruises and insurance. Plus, the user-friendly console allows travel agents to easily manage bookings and track commission payments, all in the same tool.
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