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We’ve asked 12 travel agents to give us quick, short responses to the following 15 random and fun questions. See a response in each 2017 issue of THOR Advantage!


Name: Sandy Wells

Title: Affiliate Travel Consultant

Travel Agency Name: Adventure Travel

Travel Agency Location: Huntsville, AL

Number of Years in the Travel Industry: 27

Specialty: Upper-end Cruises

In the past year, how many vacations have you taken outside of the country?

I have taken two vacations in the past year and visited South Africa, Namibia, Gambia, Senegal, Cape Verde Islands, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and Uruguay.

Which celebrity chef would you most like to fix you a meal?

I would say Emeril Lagasse, as long as I am invited to sit in and watch or chat while he cooked!

While on vacation, what is the most ‘extreme’ thing that you have done?

I’ve ridden a camel!

Have you ever visited a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

I have visited Historic Cairo in Egypt.

What’s the one food you could never bring yourself to eat?


Would you rather win an Olympic medal, an Academy Award or the Nobel Peace Prize?

I would rather win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Which individual would you most want to meet in person: Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates?

I would like to meet Richard Branson.

What is the best travel perk you’ve received from a loyalty program?

The ability to earn and use miles with Delta Air Lines® to obtain international business class tickets. It’s the ONLY way to travel!

If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?

I would probably choose to shop for free at my local grocery store so I could buy things I normally wouldn’t include in my budget. The money I saved could go towards my travel budget!

Which is your favorite travel app on your mobile phone?

I haven’t ever used a travel app because my phone is voice-only.

If you could travel back in time, what year would you travel to?

I would travel to 1955, the year I was born, and live my life again knowing what I know now!

What lobby feature has been y our favorite so far?

I don’t really have a favorite.

If you could go any place in the world to experience the history, people and culture, where would you go?

I’m not sure I’d call it a city, but I would want to explore the Australian Outback with a REAL local guide.

What one packing tip would you share with clients?

Roll your clothes to help prevent wrinkles and you can actually fit more in your bag that way.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

We add pins in our wall map for the new-to-us places we visited on the trip and then go through our snail-mail to see if anything needs immediate attention.

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