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Are you looking for ways to increase room night production and revenue? Let us help! THOR offers a variety of distribution channels that will increase exposure to travel agencies worldwide. THOR, Inc., an international travel services company, has been providing products and services to the world’s leading travel providers since 1977. THOR’s travel agency members have access to a variety of programs, including the THOR Hotel Program, THOR Car Program, THOR Services Program and THOR Media Portal.

By participating in the THOR Hotel Program you will give yourself a competitive edge on increasing room night production and revenue. Your hotel will be accessible to thousands of travel agencies around the world and you will receive extraordinary value through the following THOR benefits for the 2020 RFP contracting season:



• Joining a hotel consortia, like the THOR Hotel Program, helps boost your visibility in the GDS.

• The rates you load under THOR’s Hotel Program are typically booked at a higher ADR, earning you the highest potential revenue.

• These rates are better than BAR, making them the preferred choice for travel agents.

• THOR rates are automatically returned in the property search in all Travelport GDSs, which further increases visibility and bookability.

Benefits and Features:

• THOR provides its hotel partners with the best outreach options that offer extraordinary value to THOR travel agent members with the following program distribution: Exclusive Travelport Hotelzon Partnership, Travelport Locomote Affiliation, THOR Hotel Navigator, Travelport Smartpoint, Travelport Hotel Retail, Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport Apollo, Traveport Galileo, Travelport Worldspan.

• Access to over 3,200 travel agencies.

• Ability to load hotel rates in the GDS using THOR’s reputable ‘THR’ Consortia Rate code.

• Ability to load additional restricted hotel rates in the GDS using THOR’s ‘THX’ Promotional Rate code.

• Ability to load supplemental rates in the GDS using THOR’s ‘4TM’* GO FURTHER with THOR Rate code.

• Access to active corporate and leisure travel agents.

• Personalized support services from our account managers and THOR’s Hotel/RFP Help Desks.

• Global marketing opportunities through THOR’s multi award-winning publications to help you increase room night production, strengthen your brand recognition, and connect to travel agencies around the world.

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